100 Day Celebration

Students in Mrs. Bryan's class celebrate 100 days of school for this year!!

Whitman Mission Books

Students in Mrs. Bryan's classroom made books depicting the Whitman Mission

Fire Safety Presentation

Firefighters gave presentations to elementary classrooms on fire safety.

Fire Safety

Students participating in fire safety week.

Fall Festival

Elementary students participated in the fall festival this year at Barn in the Meadow.

Sidewalk Art

Elementary sidewalk art.

Palus Museum

Elementary students explore an outside toy at the Palus Museum.

Whitman Mission

Elementary students visit the historical Whitman Mission

Whitman Mission Field Trip

Field trip to the Whitman Mission this year.


Safety Patrol end of year bowling trip

Art in Action

Students in Mrs. Bryan's class work on sketching the Depot

Sketching the Depot

Students in Mrs. Bryan's class work on drawing the Depot

WW Children's Museum

1st grade field trip to the Walla Walla Children's Museum.

Field Trip

1st graders went on a field trip to the Walla Walla Children's Museum

Poetry, Pretzels & Punch

Students in Mrs. Bryan's class invited family & friends to share poetry, pretzels & punch.
Lindsley Pam
August 15, 2016

Dear Dayton Elementary Families,

It is that time of year again! The building is so quiet when all the students and staff are out for the summer! I am excited to have everyone back at school in the next couple weeks!

This year we are happy to welcome Mrs. Ledgerwood as a primary classroom teacher and Mrs. Farrell as our computer lab teacher. They bring with them a variety of experience from other school districts and environments that will add a new dimension to our teaching staff.

We are continuing with multiage classrooms in 2nd -5th grade. We will also have a 1/2 multiage classroom since our student numbers in first grade were not enough to sustain two first grade classrooms. Mrs. Ramirez has moved to kindergarten and will be working closely with Mrs. Heitstuman (formerly Ms. Wamble) to ensure all students have a successful first year experience.

Student success is dependent on families, schools and communities working together toward the same goals. Anytime a child is late or misses school, they are missing valuable learning experiences. Establishing routines that say “school is a priority” is important for their success. These include students arriving to school on time, completing daily homework, and establishing regular communication with your child’s teacher.

Parents are welcome to visit the school anytime during the day. The safety of our students and staff is most important, so we require all visitors to sign-in and obtain a visitors pass. We look forward to a wonderful school year full of new learning experiences and a lot of fun!!


Pamela J. Lindsley